Guangdong Guangda Electric Co. Ltd. 

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Product Service Commitment:
1. The supplier promises one year warranty service to the supplied equipment.
2. The supplier has problems with the supplied equipment during construction or operation. Within 24 hours after receiving the notice, the dispatched staff will arrive at the scene to deal with the problem.
3. After the warranty period, the device will be repaired for life (the replacement of all components in the device is 10% better than the market price).
4. The supplier is responsible for providing systematic training for the technical personnel and operators of the demand side. The training combines the hardware training and the application software operation training, and connects the theory with the actual situation to improve the training efficiency. The training content includes:
Various free trainings:
Equipment hardware operation and system software operation training. (free)
Staff training during on-site commissioning. (free)
On-site training for operators and maintenance personnel. (free)
Various component use and installation training. (free)
Other technical training involved in the design. (free)