Guangdong Guangda Electric Co. Ltd. 

粤ICP备18108811号-1   POWERED BY:300.CN

  • 光达电气


Eight advantages of the company
1. Product specialization and refinement (3C certification, ISO9000 certification, product inspection report)
2. Professional product quality technical management team. (Quality A-level enterprise certificate, power integrity enterprise certificate)
3. Advanced quality testing equipment. (Imported Fluke1735 harmonic tester Fluke8335, Fluke8334, etc.)
4. Complete quality management system. (CQC certification, ISO quality management system)
5. Strict product inspection and control process. (Middle and senior electrician technical inspector, middle and senior engineer management personnel)
6. Professional design industry project solutions (case: Country Garden Group, Rifeng Enterprise, Maoming Petrochemical)
7. Leading industry R&D strength, 12 patents, leading technology industry (obtaining high-tech product certification for harmonic elimination and filtering)
8. Expert services (including program design, product customization, power diagnosis, system analysis, etc.)